Resume - Timothy Pollard

I’m an expert, highly-intelligent, and flexible DevOps guy.

My primary focus has been on userspace Linux Systems Administration, but like all true DevOps experts I can easily switch back and forth between programming (“Dev”) and systems administration (“Ops”).

I have a particular passion for version control (Git, etc) and automation (all types from the simplest cronjob or shell script to a full featured configuration management system such as Puppet).

Much of my professional-level programming experience has been in Ruby (“on Rails” or plain), but I’m also experienced with a broad variety of other tools and languages.

My greatest non-technical skills are that I take the time to really learn what my employers and stake-holders actually want (you’d be surprised how rare that is), I’m meticulously honest, and I adjust to new and complex systems incredibly fast.

I have an amateur level interest in eBooks and related technologies, including ePub, Markdown, Pandoc, OCR, etc. I would be interested in the chance to gain some professional experience in these or related areas.


Freelance - 2016 -> Present
Wide variety of technical work particularly involving Open Source and Linux related software.

CollabNet CloudForge - 2010 -> 2016
Systems Administrator
General Linux System Administration and Support tasks. Primarily related to Version Control and SDLC Management.

CVSDude/Codesion - 2008 -> 2010
Support Engineer/Systems Administrator
Technical support and Linux Systems Administration. Primarily related to Version Control and SDLC Management.

Best International - 2008
Rollout Technician
Primarily hardware/software installs, including workstations, ATMs, and POS terminals.


Southern Cross University - 2007
Bachelor of Information Technology
Majoring in Software Development


My LinkedIn Profile

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Main Areas of Experience:

Linux, Slackware, RHEL, Redhat, CentOS, Unix

Puppet, System Management, Configuration Management

Bash, Shell Scripting, Sed, Awk

Subversion, Git, VC, Version Control

Moderate Experience:

Perl, Python, Ruby

Ruby on Rails

MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Databases

Apache, HTTPD

SSH, GNU Screen, tmux

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Some Experience:

High Availability, UCARP

Pandoc, Markdown, Sigil, Calibre, ePub

Nginx, Passenger

Trac, Bugzilla, Ticket Management





Gimp, Inkscape

VirtualBox, Vserver, Virtualisation, Virtual Machines

Nagios, Icinga, Hyperspin, Monitoring


Native Proficiency in English

Elementary Proficiency in Indonesian