I’m an experienced, highly-intelligent, and flexible Ruby on Rails and DevOps Engineer.

Much of my professional-level programming experience has been in Ruby (“on Rails” or plain), but I’m also experienced with a broad variety of other tools and languages, and can very quickly adjust to new, complex systems.

I have a particular passion for version control (Git, etc), APIs, and automation (all types from the simplest cronjob or shell script to a full featured configuration management system such as Ansible).

I have a high level experience performing user-space SysAdmin roles on Linux servers, and I have at least a passing familiarity with most major Linux Distros.

I primarily work for small start-ups and have good insight into the sort of issues that small teams can face. Including the need for engineers who can do a variety of different technical tasks depending on the current business requirements rather than specialising.

My greatest non-technical skills are that I take the time to really learn what my employers and stake-holders actually want (you’d be surprised how rare that is), I’m meticulously honest, and I adjust to new, complex system, incredibly fast.

I have an amateur level interest in eBooks and related technologies, including ePub, Markdown, Pandoc, etc. I would be interested in the chance to gain some professional experience in these or related areas.